Monday, December 12, 2011

Dolls Clothes Extravaganza

So it has been months, but that is also the way this blog works. I blog during the summer and during my Christmas break and work seriously hard at 3 jobs the rest of the year. I still sew and craft, but I don't take the time to post my work. I only get to work on sewing stuff after I finish house chores, which means it is usually 10pm before I get started and I need to be to bed by 11pm.

So, todays post is pretty much in request from several family members who would like to see what I have been working on. ya, I wasn't very smart and lost a few sets of clothes that I had made this month, but here is most of my work. For my husbands niece this Christmas I decided to make her doll some clothes. However, her doll is a 21" doll which means that I have to make all patterns bigger. I practiced on Madalynn's doll first, gave a few outfits away and came up with the beginning of a great journey.

Ok, so Maya had a coat like this last Christmas and I have been wanting to make a doll coat like hers all year. So here it is. I made it from a light canvas fabric that holds form really well and it fits all of Madalynn's dolls. I actually made three of these coats. One was large enough it fit my best friends daughter. It was really fun.
I wanted to make one outfit for Christmas where Maya could wear the same outfit as her doll. So I bought some fun pre-made knit fabric that only requires sewing a gather seam, sewing on the elastic and a seam down the side. A skirt like this takes max 15 mins. I end up making a matching one for Madalynn and her doll too. I love the waist band fabric and it was so cheap too. I couldn't believe it.Here is the outfit all together with a white shirt I made as a generic shirt to go with all outfits.
This outfit was made from old used levi's on the pants and scraps around the house. I love how it turned out.
This was also made from old used levi's on the pants and scraps from one of Madalynn's infant blankets. I still love that fabric and wish that I had bought more to make Madalynn a top as well or a skirt.
Flair jeans!!! Seriously I think that they are so cute. I love the waist band even though it was really hard to sew on. Actual levi is so thick! It was a great use of some old jeans.
While I was on a jean kick I made the following skirt.
I also made several other pairs of jeans but I can't find them now. I guess I will post those later.

So, I guess her doll needed some skinny pants. Seriously, they were not supposed to be this form fitting. My sewing machine finally went to the repair shop last week. It had finally hit its last days. So I borrowed my sister-in-laws amazing sewing machine, however, it took me an entire outfit to figure out the settings and needle positions and didn't want to unpick the seams that were too tight. Laziness I know, so where I started sewing seams, I just stuck with it. I think that they turned out super cute besides that fact and I am going to have to look for more stripe fabric.
The white shirt was made from old large scraps from quilts I have made. I love finding uses for scraps. I hord them like nothing else and am really happy I did..most of the time.I have made several peasant tops like this one from all my old knit tee shirts that I simply can't fit in anymore, however I don't know where I put them the week before I left on vacation for Thanksgiving they all disappeared. However, I am going to make several more this week so I will have to post those soon.
Well, that concludes the show and tell for today. I have an extra special dress that I am making right now for the doll, but I can't post it until after Christmas because I am hoping to make one for Maya as well and I don't want her mom too see (sorry Tiff if you read this. I just thought there should be one surprise for both of you in her Christmas present.) Maybe this week I will find the pictures of the doll shoes I made last Christmas. They were super awesome. Ok enough for now I am off to bed. Maybe I will get to posting all my projects I have been working on for the past four months. It has been a great four months.

Thanks for reading.


Hannah S said...

Oh my freaking cute!!! How much would you sell them for? (or trade for :) )

Jedda said...

Sheesh you are so making me look bad! Actually I am in total awe! I have just been serging old doll clothes to fit our baby dolls. Which works, but...oh the skills you have!! Love it! You go girl!

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Amalie said...

Haha, serger is having problems threading and it is so frustrating so I had to zig zag everything I made here except the coat. That was the last project my serger worked good on. 18 inch doll clothes...I don't know how they could be more expensive since it was all scrap fabric and used material I made them with. The coat is the only thing that I bought the fabric for, but I got it super super cheap and it only took an hour to make so it still came out to cheaper than I had looked at online. Besides making something and then seeing your child use it gives you so much satifaction and joy. I just love creating things.

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