Sunday, June 26, 2011

Homemade do it yourself bow maker

After doing some research a while ago on the internet and watching all sorts of bow making ideas with forks, bowdabra's and such, I saw an idea that made me excited. It seemed that people had done all sorts of things to get the width that they needed for a bow. I had my husband use his tools, some scraps from house projects and this is what he made. I love it! The only difference i would make is that we did it really fast late one night and the holes are not exactly straight up and down. As you will see that doesn't matter, but it would be nice.

Supplies needed:
Some kind of board I used a 2 by 4
Two dowels

Draw a straight line down the middle of the board. Measure two dots 2 inches away from each other. Then depending on how many bow sizes you would like to make you draw dots 1/2 in away from the original dots. These will make 2in, 2 1/2in, 3in bows etc. I have made holes for up to a 4in bow. Choose a drill bit the size of your dowel width and drill in the holes. This is what my board looks like

To make the bow you need the following supplies:
Ribbon for the bow (see the bottom of the post for lengths needed for each size bow)
Small 1/8in wide ribbon to tie
4 1/2 inches 3/8in grosgrain ribbon
Glue gun
Hair clip- alligator clip, or barrette

Here is a video demonstration making a 2 inch bow:

This is a video of me attaching a bow to the alligator clip. I unfortunately called my glue gun a heat gun during the video. Sorry, but know that I am using a glue gun.

Lengths of ribbon needed for each size bow:
2" bow: 11 1/2" ribbon
2 1/2" bow: 16 1/2" ribbon
3 " bow: 21 1/2" ribbon
3 1/2" bow: 26 1/2" ribbon
4" bow: 31 1/2" ribbon
just add five inches to each length for 1/2" size of bow.

Hope that you enjoyed.


Shawna said...

That's awesome, Amalie. I love it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm just getting started with bows & I didn't want to have to buy a bow maker! Awesome. Thanks you!