Monday, July 11, 2011

Serendipitous Snowman Wall Hanging

Around Christmas last year I was in Gracie Lou's a quilt store in Salem, Utah. They had the most awesome Christmas quilt patterns. It was a bit hard to shop and really look at everything because I didn't have my stoller and so my 7 month old was trying to crawl around and cried a lot. However, the pattern I made my sister's purse out of was at the store. I had been looking for that pattern for a while. Then I found this pattern. And it is 5 feet tall, it is so fun.
I had been looking for a cute Jan quilt pattern for a while. I think that in Dec you can decorate with Santas and that in Jan you can decorate with Snowmen. I had not previously been able to find something that I really liked. So, Abby's birthday is in Feb and I knew that we needed to make it. So I looked through all my fabric and found everything that I needed except the orange for the nose. (Which who keeps that bright a plain orange fabric lying around. Well, apparently not me.)

Ya, the pattern is killer. It is call Serendipitous Snowman by Geralyn Powers and put out by Thanksfully Sew. The shear amount of parts and little parts just to cut first out of the pattern, second out of the fabric, third out of the steam a seam 2 i used....took FOREVER!!!! Ya, Abby finally got it in May nearly four months after her birthday and I started it in Dec. After cutting out several parts, I just couldn't keep working on it. I got so burned out. And of course if I don't finish projects during my breaks then they don't get done until the next break. It is just how my crafting life goes.

I used left over blue flannel for the background, muslin for the body, scrap fabric for the rest and red flannel for the binding. Ok ok. I am looking at the pattern right now for the first time in months and I forgot to attach the buttons!!!! Oh my goodness. I am still not finished!!! Ugh. Oh well, I am posting the pictures that I took today. Of course this is one of those projects I gave away and then had to go back and take pictures. Ya, I need to just take pictures first. It is so much easier.

And her a few pictures close up of the various parts.Here is a picture of the backing.Hope that you enjoyed.


Roseanne said...

It is so nice well done on your finished Serendipitous Snowman wall hanging.

Ullan tilkut said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! I like it also very much!

Heather said...

Love this. Great job!